R U T  (block)

You cheat death by your very existence
with your walking and your breathing you’re a real life facsimile
Zoned out and speeding at the movie house
you feel something but you don’t know what to do about it
Last frame — so you knock it back with alcohol

Wake up unconscious at the kiddie park
but no one is amused and admission is prohibited
Left out — you’ve grown to like the sound of it
You play at pity with a comic virtuosity
Move on — you’re just a loser at the starting gate

Don’t cry — it¹s just your life passing by
Don’t try — it¹s just your life living a lie, lie, lie, lie, lie

Next day — just like all the others
without a calendar you wouldn’t know what year it was
Dead heat in the search for a meaning
you see a glimmer but it’s only ice in Everclear


H O L L O W   P O I N T  (block/ackman)

The pressure slowly builds
Time to take our vows
Time to pack it in
We owe it to ourselves
There is no other way
And it’s tearing me apart

She’s sleeping with a loaded gun
She cocks it every day

        (’cause I can sink with you to the bottom of the sea…)

She pulls the trigger but the safety’s on

        (I can guarantee — we will not be found…)

The voices never stop
Though at times I wish they would

        (trying to make a fool of me…)

The big fish float on top
The big fish float on by
with the weight of the sea pushing down on me

She loves me like the day is long

        (deep enough to drown)

At least that’s what she says
I can’t imagine that she’d do me harm

        (are we deep enough — deep enough to drown?)

                    Inside the oyster
                         deep in the ocean
                    life at the bottom
                         inspires devotion
                    inside my oyster
                         in tiny compartments
                    you’ll never find me…


T H O U G H T S   I N T O   I N S E C T S  (block/jones)

Consciousness is just a..
a state of mind I hope to find
Every day I try to…
to get in line while there¹s still time
One day, this day
could be so simple
so simple for me — if not for…

Locusts — feeding on me
Sucking — bleeding me dry
Stealing memories

I try to reason but I find it hard
I lack cohesion of a basic kind
and I wonder — what they¹re up to?
Recollections slip away like sand
replaced by something that I don’t understand
And I’m fading — yes, I fading

Here I go…


A   S E A   O F   U P T U R N E D   F A C E S  (block)

“Our Father came in small fragments
washed upon the shores of our fears
clustered in seaweed and awaiting assembly
forever searching for a cause.

Thank God I’m still alive
  bought a seat on angel’s wing
must have paid my dues in Christ
  must have pulled the Papal strings
Why did all the others die?
  ‘best to leave it well alone
leave the hapless to their fate
  thank the Lord that I was saved!
Every day I’ll go to church
  every day I’ll pass the plate
take Communion with the blessed
  blood of Christ, incarnate
I can’t believe so many died
  but I know that God chose me
He is the Light, He is the Way
  I argue not with destiny


D E P O – P R O V E R A  (block/jones)

Last chance to feel
I want to save it for your rainy day of days
Won’t you come with me, darling?
Why can’t you see?
I want to share it with ‘the best of me and you’
Won’t you forgive me, Jesus?

Just a little dose and I’m back again
feeling numb: a Model Citizen
Just another dose: I’m your new best friend
And I won’t offend — no, I can¹t offend!
Society is watching society

(I feel fine)

No way to feel
this is the way they chose to break me: permanent
not so much a reality
So when I slip
then I know at least One will comfort me
Comfort me, Jesus


D A K T A R I   S T O O L  (block/ackman)

Chance of a lifetime comes once too often
If you’re lucky what you wish for will never come
Unexpected, you resurrect the endless game

If I’m made of paper
would you tear me into tiny pieces?
If I’m made of silver
would you beat to the shape you choose?

Daktari stool
   (black and white in zebra stripe)
is that what we’ve come to?
   (bamboo legs and lacquered pins)
It’s a beauty
   (never find another like it!)
but useless as the setting sun
Look at you
Is there anything left to steal?

If I’m made of fire
would you dowse me with your Holy water?
If I’m made of copper
would you bend me into tiny rings?

Content to confinement, confined to resentment
Understanding — it’s exactly where you want to be
End of story — the second feature’s just begun

If I’m made of iron
would you rust me with your salty tears?
If I’m made of steel
would you cut me with acetylene?
(ah, very clean!)


S T I L L   S O R R Y   A B O U T   C H I N A  (block)

I know where you are
Heard what you’ve come to
Still feel pity — still feel the same
Would like to see you
Know it’s a bad dream
A little bit of ego — a little bit of pain

If you understood
just where I came from
Just a little trust
A little bit of trust
It’s not your nature
It’s not your game plan
A little trust
Just a little trust

Cacti and heat rash
Lost desert street lamps
As close to Hell as you’ll ever be
Temperature climbing
Dead end horizon
Kamikaze marriage — don’t you ever go?

Don’t you ever go away
Don’t you ever go?


Z E U S  (block)

I’m so fat — so goddamn awful fat
Devour if I could, every bit of you
I wouldn’t hesitate, if it came to that
I wouldn’t hesitate
don’t think I’d hesitate
No time to hesitate

You could laugh — but you’d be very dead
and I’d be full, so full up of you
Just a snack, everything you were
Just a morsel on my plate
another morsel on my plate
Just a grease stain on my plate

I’m so fat — so goddamn awful fat
People sneer at me and say I cannot be
If they could only see the predator in me
If they could only see
wouldn’t really want to see
Nothing here left to see


Y E N   P O X  (block/jones)

I thought I recognized your genius
It dazzled brilliantly… then died


Your Singularity is deadly
Your gravitation pulls me in

Time — it’s all about time
        waiting for time
Time enough for you
        waiting for time…

You forge an element of truth


A Periodic certainty

Time — waiting for time
        waiting for time
Time enough for you
        waiting for…
Time — wait for the right time
        it’s all about time
Time enough for all
Time — waiting for time
        waiting for time
Time enough for you
        waiting for…


S I N K I N G   S H I P  (block)

Saw you in a dream today
Cast upon a stormy sea
Taking water felt just right
… just how it used to be

Good to see you looking well
Perhaps I thought you might have changed
But then again, ‘was just dream
… just like it used to be

Over the water and all trough the years
Time’s getting shorter in relative terms
Maybe a lifetime — perhaps just a day

Saw you in my dream today
Nice of you to find the time
I’ll toss a line and reel you in…


M E R C H A N T – I V O R Y   M U S T   D I E  (block)

Saw you today
        reminded me
                how not to breath
Separate from you
        wasn’t something
                I could conceive
If you’d shown me
        who I was then
                I’d have to laugh
Isn’t it strange
        to that which we cling
                must surely change

I’d compromise — and you’d do the same
and what’s left is only a fraction
of what we once saw in each other’s eyes
The promise of love everlasting

So now that it’s done
        how can I say
                it was in vain?
Maybe you’re right
        maybe I’m wrong
                        I could have stayed
If I could contain
        all that I felt
                        in favor of you
Selling you short
        selling me too
                        a shadow review

Like a velvet glove lifted from my throat
I can breath ever so freely
No self-serving lies, intentions in disguise
The World is anew with potential

        Over and over and over… we flicker and fade



c & r 1998, 2012 catsducksandcows music (BMI)  All rights reserved           CDC 00629