HAMFIST  (block)

almost died today
if only for a moment
and all philosophy was washed
as dry as slate

but then my life, regained
i must have wandered aimless
and all that I had seen
i realized too late was…

mostly blank


WILFORD  (block)

kindly old man in the soup sales line
grandfather smile respected of peers
friend of children defender of dogs
gets his kicks in a dirt blood ring
watch the feathers fly

bloodsport of poverty, cruelty and shame
tissue slashed with razor sharp spurs
fat old wilford lends his esteem
strikes a blow for the good old boys
it’s indefensible


99 CENTS TO DIE  (block)

and if I die
lay me down so low
and if I die
lay me down solo
and if I die
by my own hand
you should know

cents to die
lord it goes down so slow

be still my heart
when it starts to flow
be still my heart
watch it drip and glow
hard as ice
and just as cold
don’cha know

cents to die
christ it goes down so slow
like a heart attack
in the snow
I just thought you should know


WHY TRAINS CRASH  (block/jones)

nothing crimes
nothing cries
something dies

i don’t need you
i don’t feel you
i don’t fear you
i don’t see you
i don’t want you
i don’t want you
i don’t crave you
i don’t cure you
i don’t hear you
i don’t hear you
i don’t



port said                                                   ask and i will tell you
in ’64
breaking rocks
to build the shore
compromised                                          what you need to hear
my friends had turned
i took the fall

a bargain struck                                       bill of goods i will sell you
my life was spared
my ‘friends’ in need
i took the call
the soviet                                                  undeceive
my life reclaimed
though life unchanged

now i’m here                                             look askance don’t you see
in ’02
you make a wish
i’ll make it true
anonymous                                              reality cheats you
unless you read
between the lines

on the rack                                               undeceived, i will cleanse you
upon the shelf
in the back
in your mind
you see me there
but who am i?                                          cleanse me
i used to know
i used to know

i’m winding my life down
wondering out loud
i’ll take you down, with me

i’ll never go away
i’m right by your side
‘take you down this shady path
yet leave you alive
i could do so much more
and maybe i have
‘least one of us knows


IRIDIUM  (block)

last to know
first to die
but can you make a silk purse
from a pig’s eye?

chances lost,
nothing gained
so was it worth a quick jaunt
in the fast lane?

fields are bare
now nothing grows
so can you live a half life
beneath a headstone?

a final word
before i go
but does it really matter
when you will never ever know?


BORGNINE  (block)

once – a moment – lingers
lost – a friendship – flounders
then – a second – chance comes
take it – don’t refuse it

where were you when I was younger
to tear my heart and soul asunder?
now you gone across the waves

will you return come december?
or to the continent surrender
the southern cross to guide your way


WOBBLY  (block/jones)

i’m finding out, what i find,
knowing not, undefining, owing not
i need to convince only me – it’s true

i want to see conspiracies
i want to see towers fall
i want to see hands unseen
i want to be…

i need a solid place to stand                       (philosophy fails)
tide is rushing in                                          (eternity calls)
if all i have is shifting sand                          (democracy sells)
i will make it glass hard reality                    (reality kills, reality)

truth, only one is right
i embrace it, sorting out the lies

i’m not insane, although
i find waiting alone
i adore a world at war

not to blame, oh no
i’m fond of waiting alone
and i wait a world away


i wanna find a way out now
i wanna point the way
i wanna save another day, i wanna live
finding one day
another day to find out

finding nothing
i wanna find a way
saving no one
i wanna save another day, i wanna  breathe

finding something
i wanna find the way out
pointing inward
i wanna point the way
saving someone
i wanna save another day, i wanna  be
saving one day
i want a way to find out


A CUNNING USE OF FLAGS  (block/jones)

my life’s a tragedy – mirrors as far as I can see

woke up, fell out of love – now i’m thinking better of
sunrise, and i’ll be gone – hit the road, regain my stride
living in fantasy – it’s a place i choose to be
no one to challenge me – no compromise is harmony

mile markers passing by – canyon lands and border towns
last stop, el camine – left my mark in kerosene
cross to the other side – time to leave this woe behind
my life awaits me there…


WRONG  (block)

i do believe you’re… wrong
to treat me like you do
to leave me here a broken man
what is there left to do?

i cannot right your… wrong
i wasn’t there you know
but you insist on blaming me
the seeds of hate are sown

i hope you like my… song
it wasn’t meant for you
it’s just a way to work it out
to rid myself of you


all selections c&r 2010, 2012 (BMI) catsducksandcows ltd