loose ends

“Life Isn’t Like That” (1986)

life isn't 72After a two-year hiatus, Thymme reinvents his Cheer-Accident cassette franchise with a new line-up and an arsenal of recent improvs, toy pianos and cohabitive dissonance.  Yes, Streamwood finally rears it’s ugly head!  Recorded as the “live” trio first congealed, this Complacency release contains the first recorded versions of “Muffy Needs A New Pair Of Rose-Colored Glasses” as well as live favorites “A Day In The Sun” and “Inevitable“.  Life marks a new beginning, an end and perhaps even a continuation.  Also featuring Dan Burke, Jef Bek, Bill Martin and a contingent of light dogs.  A must for Cheer-Accident archivists – if you can find it…


“Theme from SHAFT”  (1992)

Toward the very end of my tenure with Cheer we were approached by Pravda to record a cover of our choosing (as long as it fit into the 70’s “K-tel”theme) for inclusion on their upcoming local band compilation “20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions!“.  I had recently spent many a tedious hour at my day job in the pharmaceutical industry taping out rhythms on Diet Coke cans (my addiction at the time) while moving my thumb over the opening to create a faux wah-wah/hi-hat effect.  So the choice was obvious – either “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” or “Theme from SHAFT“.  Shaft won out and we immediately set dissecting the original in order to reconstruct it – albeit a bit askew with a few extra parts jammed in.  During the otherwise upbeat recording, Phil was a bit disappointed after learning that his guitar wah part would be wholly represented by the aforementioned soft drink can and my own swarm of bees guitar bit – but I think he got over it.  (If you can find it, there’s rehearsal footage of Issac Hayes and company during the recording of the original sound track in which there’s a few lengthy takes of the closing bars that seem to foreshadow our own version.  Ah, great minds…)  In April of 2010, with help from the extended Cheer family, Thymme, Jeff and I reunited on stage for the first time in 18 years to perform (thus far) our only live rendition of this timeless classic.  It went something like this.


The Why Album  (1994)

While I do not appear on the final release of The Why Album, I had rehearsed nearly the entire album with the band and recorded a few tracks before they were subsequently replaced by Dan Forden.  The part that appears on “Sub Herbs” is a simplified version of my own for which I receive credit as well as “Today, Today, Today“.  It should be noted that the original bass line of “How Do You Like Your Eggs?” was significantly more dissonant than the one presented on the final mix.  Despite my reservations about the album, it remains among the most popular of all Cheer releases.


Enduring The American Dream  (1997)

One of the songs leftover from our final studio session was “Dismantling The Berlin Waltz“.  You may find it here in it’s entirety!  Several bits and ideas we had played live also ended up rearranged and reinterpreted on Not A Food.