dumb ask

dumb ask 300 72r

garbage head / small world / everyone’s ugly up close / muffy needs a new pair of rose-colored glasses / whitewash / fat dog’s gonna hatch / elbow deep in turkey / filet of nod


chris BLOCK  (bass & vocals)
thymme JONES  (drums & vocals)
jeff LIBERSHER  (guitar)


engineered by steve ALBINI
recorded in a squalid basement (no puddles) sometime over
the second weekend in NOVEMBER 1989 somewhere in CHICAGO,
all drum tracks recorded in an EXTREME state of PAIN
cover photography by kathleen CROW
My New Best Friend is a product of thymme JONES
feline apathy by FLUSS & MIA  (the slut)


hey, thanks to
brad SCHLUETER  (continuing financial necessities, drum pedals and
digital read-outs)
scot ASHLEY  (stolen riffs and borrowed guitars)
dan BURKE  (digital shit)
janie BOUZEK  (because she asked)
michael GREENLEES and the boys down at NO BLOW  (the proper
introductions and what not)
and, of course, david WOOD  (without whom)


originally released 1991 Complacency (US) and Neat Records (UK)