babies shouldn’t smoke

babies 300 72

so sorry about china / the butterfly effect / i feel sick / when clowns go bad / people are props / head of gumby / playschool / big secret airshow / ignorance moving sideways / flies in the amber


recorded july 16-18, 1991 in the Pete Way room, Chicago,
Illinois * mixed upstairs on Thursday…on the fourth day
we rested * all songs engineered and mixed by Phil
Collins–well, except Playschool–which was recorded
June 28, 1991 and produced by Phil Collins and Norm Bias *
all remixes (1992) by Cheer-Collins *


Chris Block-bass & vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
Thymme Jones-drums & vocals, piano & trumpet
Jeff Libersher-guitars
Phil Bonnet-guitars  & vocals
Janie Bouzek  (vocals on Sick & Props)
Bing Crosby does not appear
Abe & Bobo do
additional lyrics by Scott Rutledge * Jim Banks * Jim Drummond
Cover art by Linda Wiley *


special thanks to:
Scott Prochaska  (guitars and resolution)
Scot Ashley  (the only bass I don’t own)
Brad Schlueter  (the usual)
 Neil Jensen  (PR)
Mike Greenlees  (drumshit)
Brad Wood  (megaphone)
Joe Maydak  (magnetics) *


Janie Bouzek was NOT the dumb ask.


originally released 1992  (Complacency)