To order prints via PayPal, please refer to the posted image galleries. Select an image to make note of the image name (lower left hand corner). Use the drop down menus below to select a print size. Enter the name of the image in the text box and a format preference if different from ‘Matted’. Click on ‘Add To Cart’.

Repeat as necessary for each print. Quantities can be changed at checkout.

VOTK GALLERY (including “Togar’s Dream”)
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ABSTRACT GALLERY (including “Textures”)
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PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY (including “Continuum”)
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prints are available in the following display formats:


featuring a white pinstripe within a black border – to preserve the original aspect ratio – with a signature and/or title below.  (this is my preferred display format and looks particularly good in a a glass clip frame.)

BORDERLESS (full-frame)

framing discrepancies may occur due to variations in the original image format.  (i.e. and 8×10 image will not fit precisely into an 11×14 format and viceaversa.)


black border without pinstripe nor signature.

20×30’s (poster size) are generally borderless and may appear considerably different than their smaller counterparts.

variations are available upon request. 

when ordering please state your format preference.  If no preference is indicated, I will default to my own discretion.

all prints are sold and shipped unframed.  (20 x 30’s will be shipped in a mailing tube.)

ALL IMAGES on this site are c2012 chris BLOCK and MAY NOT be used without permission.


To order SOUND RECORDINGS please select from the following options:


45 rpm vinyl singles

all items are POST-PAID  (domestic only – please query for overseas rates)

questions? – please contact me via with all inquiries

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