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Just letting everyone know that the final Pox entry (sadly Richard Milne is shutting down the show) for the annual WXRT Local Anesthetic Holiday Spectacular will air tonight (Sunday) at 10 pm (or so) and will be rerun one week later (the 24th) at the same time – so you have your very last chance to enjoy the magic!  This year’s selection is entitled “Praznik Žalopojka” for you Latin types…) – so go figure. 




(it was a good one!)


Still tweaking but check out my new    Y O U T U B E    C H A N N E L    here!





(Okay, I know I don’t change these too often these days, but what did it cost you?!)


L O C A L   A N E S T H E T I C  A R C H I V E S

Once again, you may have missed the 23nd Annual 93XRT Local Anesthetic “Holiday Spectacular” – an hour-long special comprised of seasonal salutations from Chicago area artists – and presented in a beautiful sonic package by WXRT (93.1 FM)!  But through the miracle of the internet, you can hear the entire 2014 program here (“Benzinska Pumpa” – about 12-15 minutes in) or 2013’s here (I believe I come in right around the nine and a half minute mark) or you can even listen to the 2012 edition here free of charge!  Enjoy!

GET A SNEAK PREVIEW OF LAST YEAR’S (2015) LOCAL ANESTHETIC SUBMISSION (and some kind words from Richard Milne!)




BlockJonesJonesBlock.  Together again?  Just like old times?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  You be the judge!  The second outing from Pox featuring Scot Ashley, Jim Widlowski and a very special appearance by Dave Kerman of 5uu’s and Thinking Plague.  Don’t be left out – order hereSupplies are limited.


Last year I had graphic work exhibited at the Elgin Fringe Festival which ran from September 17-20, 2015…

(Please click image for more details.)

efringe fest 2015




chris BLOCK the runner stumbles (2013)

“the runner stumbles” (august 2013 – all rights reserved)

In September 2013, I exhibited 2 new graphic works (including the image above) at The Next Wave Art Salon in Elgin. Illinois.  For further info click here!


Dot Dot Dot live? Get details HERE!



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